Research Management Strategies



              With more than twenty years' experience in research management, TRF has developed techniques and strategies in research granting and management to tackle the dynamic and multifaceted problems Thailand faces. Multidimensional of the problem is a major challenge of TRF.






         TRF supports the development of a national repository of scientific, technological, social scientific and humanistic knowledge so as to make research responsive to development needs. Success is determined by capability of research problems, organizing team monitoring the quality as well as conducting synthesis and downstream management.




The SRI aims at enhancing national capabilities for coping with crucial issues by building up core knowledge in key areas including:

1. ASEAN Community and the East Asian Region

2. Food Security and Safety

3. Climate Change, Water, Land and Environmental Management

4. Inequality Reduction

5. Creative Learning and Educational Reform

6. Good Governance and Corruption Reduction

7. National Interests on Marine Resources and Maritime Security

8. Ethics, Culture, and Discipline of Thais

9. Health and Demographic Transition

10. New Knowledge and Innovation on Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities

11. Energy and Alternative Energy

12. Overcoming the Middle Income Trap

This involves the connecting and integrating among multiple research fields that cut across many divisions, a challenge for a new management.




         Area-based collaborative research aims at strengthening the mechanism for integrating development in each province by providing crucial information to assist in provincial-level formulation of economic and social policy options and decisions. Through ABC, the entire research management process, from the formation of research questions all the way through to the review of findings, has become a tool to open up the social space for collaboration and interaction among development partners. ABC research is therefore highly responsive to the specific context of individual provinces and so paves the way for the application of knowledge by local stakeholders. Currently, ABC covers more than twenty-five provinces in all regions of the country.



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