Downstream Management and Social Communication


In addition to fostering the development of researchers and creating the research-based knowledge, TRF also supports the exploitation of the research outputs for academic and commercial purposes, for policy-making, and for public education. TRF has regularly conducted several activities that allow knowledge and information transfer. The activities include:

1. Organizing the public forum for all key stakeholders and researchers to share and discuss their findings, ideas and views towards the policy synthesis.

2. Publishing research outputs in journals, policy briefs, newsletters and books.

3. Disseminating research findings through the website ( and linked websites (,, and etc.).

4. Transferring knowledge through press agents and social media.

5. Organizing trips for research correspondents to visit research sites and have direct contact with researchers and research users.

These downstream management activities are expected to deliver knowledge, information, news and research recommendation in the hope to reach both general and specific users and create a knowledge culture in Thai society.














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