Research and Researchers for Industries (RRI)




Industrial sector has an important role in the development of Thailand's economy, especially the small to medium-size enterprises which comprise 99.8% of the nation's enterprises and 78.2% of non-governmental employment. In order to assist the industry to adjust to the government policy of knowledge—based economy, the TRF has launched the “Research and Researchers for Industry Program, RRI” in 2012, which consists of four types of activities namely:

1. Research funding for master degree students

2. Research funding for Ph.D. degree students

3. Funding for innovative research work or research to solve industrial-based problems

4. Developing networking among researchers in academia and industry both in the local and international arena



1. To support the preparation of master and doctoral researchers for industry, and develop industry’s researchers by working on research topics from industry.

2. To support research that solves industrial problems or creates new technologies, which enhance competition and lead to sustainability.

3. To provide a mechanism for including research collaborations between universities and industry, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

4. To support the creation of networks among researchers in the universities and local and global industries.



1. Supply industry with 11,400 master degree graduates and 10,500 Ph.D. degree graduates within 15 years.

2. Produce research output that either solve existing industrial problems or yield new innovations. The goal is to produce 11,400 master thesis research output, 10,500 doctoral thesis research output, and 1,050 direct co—funded research output.

3. Build sustainable research collaborations between university and industry with particular attention on SMEs.

4. Create at least 400 networks among researchers in university and industry, in Thailand as well as abroad.

5. Encourage and expedite research exploitation and commercialization.



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