International Research Network Program (IRN)




The International Research Network (IRN) has been initiated based on the successful achievements of the Royal Golden Jubilee Ph.D. Program in continuing research collaborations among Thai and oversea scientists. Launched in 2013, the IRN facilitates a coordinated approach among scientists and international development agencies, to share the knowledge and identify opportunities for collaborations. Each TRF-IRN is composed of a group of Thai researchers working in collaboration with a group of oversea researchers on a targeted research program. Each network will be awarded with 4-6 Ph.D. fellowships, 2-4 post—doctoral fellowships and research grants for a period of3 years in each phase.

Under the 11th National Economic and Social Development Plan (2012-2016), IRN is one of TRF's tools addressing the development of an efficient and sustainable economy based on human resource development at post-graduate level and innovative technologies. This is to ensure the improvement in the development in competitive growth, inclusive growth and green growth of Thailand towards the changing world.

Selected research programs strengthened by TRF-IRN under Thailand's Strategic Research issue (SRI) and Targeted Research Initiatives (TRI) are:

  • Alternative Energy
  • Food Security and Food Safety
  • Health and Demographic Changes
  • Logistics and Supply Chains
  • Water, Land, Forest and Environmental Management






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