Community-Based Research Division (CBR)




The main purpose of this division is to empower and strengthen local communities through research. It is the research that solves the problem of the people, by the people and for the people in the community. CBR does not conform strictly to conventional academic research, but focus more on the participatory process of locals in identifying research questions, learning and searching for solution appropriate to local context. The opportunities of marginal groups are the priority. The researches cover all dimensions of community development, such as sustainable natural resource management, sustainable and organic agriculture, community history and culture, community health, community economy, local administration, alternative education, and community-based tourism.

Some CBR examples that produce social impacts in local context include: debt management by local community, food security and sovereignty at community level, water resource management at local level, coastal resource management by local community network, constructing community peace in southern provinces through reading Al Qur'an, community justice model at local level, community-based tourism model, revitalization and maintenance of language and culture for sustainable community development, etc. Most of these researches are conducted in collaboration with various agencies such as universities, government organizations, non-government organizations, and community organizations.










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