Division 4: Community and Social Development Division


This division has two goals. Which together empower communities and encourage sustainable development:

  1. To strengthen learning and management capabilities of local communities in natural resources and environmental management social welfare and local administration.
  2. To steer system change at the policy and implementation levels, so as to promote grass-roots democracy and social equality.

Major areas of research include local administration and decentralization, land management conflict


Some examples of previous research projects include:

development of a knowledge—base of non—tariff barriers and multilateral agreements, research on climate change impacts on Thailand, modeling of alleviation of mudflat erosion, development of GIS for area—based water resource management, and research on earthquake resistance and engineering designs The division has also helped in developing the national policy on marine management. Policy recommendations in this area have been put into action, most clearly seen in the establishment of a center supporting knowledge development in marine management. Green procurement in the government sector has been driven by research on sustainable production and consumption roadmap of Thailand.















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