Division 1: National Policies and International Relations Division




          Given the dynamics of regional integration, aging society, and chronic inequalities, priority research agenda address the promotion of structural changes, institutional and social innovation, improved economic ef´Čüciency, social justice, and international cooperation. Through cross-disciplinary research and by linking issues at the community, national and international levels, this division encourages participation from and collaboration with public and private sectors, civil groups, and researchers in Thailand as well as within other ASEAN.

          Research projects granted include programs focused on borderland management, transnational production, international migration, regional integration, country watches (Japan, China, Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar), impacts of demographic transition, food and energy security, labor issues, tax reform, justice, corruption, and the role of education and media in social transformation.

          Division 1 also supports the TRF Forum, where policy makers, academics and stakeholders share knowledge and exchange views.













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