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˹ѧ : Japan-ASEAN Beyond Economic Partnership : Toward an East Asian Commonity?
Ǵ : ɰԨ ɰʵ
´ : Siriporn Wajjwaklu, First published 2006, 306 pages
ʹ :
ӹǹҪ : 904
Ҥ : 240.00 ҷ
ҤҾ : 120.00 ҷ (ؤŷ)
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The book consists of 4 parts - teh Introductory Notes, the Japan-ASEAN Beyond Economic Partnership, the Japan-ASEAN and East Asian Community: Framework and Issues, and the Conclusion: Summary of Comments. In the first part, viewpoints of high ranking government officials are presented. The main point of the second of the second part is a review of the development process of regional cooperation, particularly the role of Japan and ASEAN in that process. In the third part, a concept or model of regional cooperation as well as some concerned issues among countries of the region; such as, human security, and international migration has been discussed. And the conclusion is the summary of comments from the audience.